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Career Exploration, Leadership Development and Self-Discovery Speaking Engagements

Captivating and Authentic, Chuck Saia Brings Energy and Inspiration to Every Event

“Regardless of what the task is, do it with as much energy as if you love it. If you do that, you're going to prove to your manager you're a part of the team. You're willing to do things for the team, and it'll open doors for you.”

-Chuck Saia

From large corporations, including Fortune 50 companies to major Universities and Colleges, Chuck’s charismatic speaking engagements are customized for each audience. 


Presentations serve as a source for “Career Exploration, Leadership Development and Self Discovery”.  They are highly interactive, fun and memorable, and prove to be a powerful and transformative

experience using the book’s unique animal analogies. 


During the presentation polling questions can be used to provide unique insights about a team and the leadership culture at an organization.  Each presentation is customized based on the audience and allotted time.


While in-person events are ideal, we understand that’s not always feasible, so Chuck gives virtual talks via zoom, while still making them fun, engaging and interactive. 

Chuck Saia donates his time and does not charge a speaking fee. He and the Foundation only ask your consideration to support their mission of advancing lupus research and supporting environmental conservation efforts through book and merchandise purchases, and/or honorable donations. On behalf of the Saia Family and the YGTK Foundation, we sincerely thank you for your support. 

No Speaking Fee

Chuck Saia has appeared on numerous podcasts, radio and other shows sharing his personal experiences about self-discovery and leadership development, while passing on words of wisdom and encouragement to young and seasoned professionals. Saia is gracious with his time not charging for engagements, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested in him bringing an uplifting, engaging presence to your audience.

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