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Bringing Leadership Lessons
Into Curriculums Nationwide 

The stories, lessons, and messages from Chuck Saia’s book, YOU GOT THIS, KID!
can easily be integrated into any school curriculum and offer a fun, interactive, and coherent lesson plan for students to engage in leadership and life lessons. Our sensible
content makes learning for all ages including elementary, middle, and high school, and
university students a worthy experience. 

Diving into the Curriculum!

Each chapter focuses on a different animal, offering a valued tool in the corporate jungle, giving students of all ages perspective on how to become a leader and navigate life's challenges.

Every week or month depending on the program, students can engage in the fun and memorable themes and stories each chapter offers. By unlocking a new animal each month, students will explore the unique traits of being a leader and how it applies to their own lives. 

Our Unique Focus Engages Students in More
than Just  Leadership!

Since proceeds from the book support environmental sustainability and Lupus research, students have the opportunity to learn about environmental sustainability, and auto-immune diseases, in addition to overall health and wellness issues. 


Guest speakers from environmental groups and the Lupus Foundation can educate  students about each topic with fun and interactive lessons. Students of all ages even have the opportunity to organize fundraising events that benefit each cause and make donations to the You Got This, Kid! Leadership Foundation for environmental sustainability and Lupus research. Students will see firsthand how their ideas and actions can bring about positive change!

What's next?

If you are interested in diving into our program and giving your students the opportunity to have a fun and educational experience, contact us for more information. 

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