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Summer Interns Set Foundation For Future Interns With Presentation On Water Cleanliness

Updated: May 23, 2023

On Monday, September 20, two of our summer interns with the YOU GOT THIS, KID! Leadership Foundation presented the methodologies and analytics they used to test water quality, flow, and cleanliness.

Luke Desilva and Connor Becerril made the presentation to our Board, which was co-sponsored along with Quinnipiac University and the Mill River Watershed Association. The two were joined by their Quinnipiac professor Kim DiGiovani.

Their work set the foundation for future interns, and provided our Board with information that will be used to determine where and when to possibly sponsor and build another rain garden to help our environment.

As part of our mission, we continue to link the importance of removing toxins from our environment. We aim to have a positive impact on people suffering from auto-immune diseases like Lupus.

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