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Pre Matriculation Curriculum

Updated: May 23, 2023

The Medical School Curriculum Program in collaboration with YGTK! and the Quinnipiac University Medical School, is officially underway. Through a series of discussions and training sessions, the first-year medical school students will learn about leadership, lupus, and environmental sustainability.

Chuck Saia kicked off the program today with an introduction to YGTK! Quinnipiac Professor and YGTK board member, Dr. Courtney McGinnis, then discussed how environmental exposures impact Lupus and other Auto-immune diseases. The students will soon dive deeper into the subject matter with conversations led by YGTK! board members and special guests.

Students will hear from Dr. Jackie Phillips, the VP of Pediatric Product Development for J&J. Also, Dr. Knight, Pediatric Rheumatologist, Associate Scientist SickKids Research Institute, NeuroSciences, and Mental Health Program, Associate Professor University of Toronto.

Dr. Anthony Orsini and Liz Poret-Christ will be a part of the curriculum to discuss the Orsini Way. Rachel Myslinski will also discuss the Rheumatology Research Foundation. The Lupus Foundation of America will also be present with Leigh Ann Cardenas, Senior Non-Profit Executive. The Lupus discussion will also include a Lupus Patient Panel featuring Karin Wagner, Amy Szoke, and Chris Burton.

Leadership is a huge part of this program in addition to educating the students about Lupus. Chuck Saia will hold a Leadership and Self Exploration Workshop at the start of the program. Industry leaders such as Karin Wagner, Andrew Sutherland, Kathy Wells, and Sarah Charland, will participate in a panel discussion. Last year’s participants will also make an appearance to share their experiences. Artists and interns for YGTK!, Olamide Gbotosho, Alexia Papavasilakis, and Ari Romereo, will be a part of a panel as well.

We are so excited to interact with the first-year medical students and have meaningful discussions about leadership, lupus, and environmental sustainability.

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