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Meet Julia Tamir: A Rising Star in Medicine


The You Got This, Kid! is pleased to introduce Julia Tamir, a medical student who combines her scientific understanding with compassion. Julia's journey in the field of medicine started in the suburbs of Chicago and continued through her upbringing in South Florida. Currently, she is making strides in her second year at the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine.

Project With A Purpose

Julia is deeply committed to her current project on Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus (CLE). She shares, "I have always had a passion to learn more about skin conditions since I personally have had manifestations of skin conditions throughout my life". This registry aims not just to collect data but to provide a foundation of knowledge that could lead to improved patient care.

Healthcare Approach

In healthcare, Julia's approach stands out for its holistic nature. She understands that effective healthcare goes beyond diagnosing and treating diseases; it's about connecting with patients, understanding their experiences, and advocating for their needs. This perspective is crucial in today's healthcare environment, where patient-centered care is increasingly recognized as a critical component of effective treatment.

“I don't only want to become a physician who knows the science behind a disease process, I want to be the physician who is there for the patient in every capacity.”

Resilience Amidst Adversity

Julia's journey has been characterized by her ability to face and overcome challenges. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining self-belief and resilience in a competitive and judgmental field. Her experiences have taught her that overcoming obstacles is essential to personal and professional development.

“In a world that can be so loud with judgment it can be very easy to give up on dreams.”

Leadership and Self-Belief

For Julia, leadership is deeply intertwined with self-confidence. She advocates for aspiring leaders to trust their abilities and embrace their unique paths. Her experience is a testament to the fact that with determination and self-assurance, one can accomplish their objectives and also motivate those around them.

"Always believe in yourself. It is so important in today's world to trust in your own abilities and be proud of your own journey."

The You Got This, Kid! Foundation is inspired by Julia's commitment and passion for medicine. We are eager to follow her progress and are confident that her contributions will have a lasting impact on the medical community and those she serves.

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