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Lupus Warrior Spotlight: Sanusi Fauzat Olubukola


Sanusi Fauzat Olubukola, a mother of three and lupus survivor, has taken her challenging diagnosis as a call to action. With a background in engineering and educational technology, she has not only navigated the personal trials that come with lupus but also founded an NGO dedicated to supporting others affected by the condition. Diagnosed in 2018 after years of unexplained symptoms, Fauzat has faced the realities of lupus head-on, dealing with high treatment costs and the struggle to maintain her job during health crises.

Despite these hurdles, she has achieved significant milestones, such as building a support community and providing aid through her NGO. In this conversation, we'll delve into Fauzat's experiences with lupus, focusing on her approach to managing the disease, the challenges she's overcome, and the advice she offers to others living with lupus.

When were you diagnosed with Lupus, and what led to the diagnosis?

What have been some of the biggest challenges you've faced since your diagnosis?

How do you manage your symptoms, and what treatments have you found helpful?

Despite the challenges, what are some accomplishments or positive moments you've experienced in your journey with Lupus?

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