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A Conversation with Cheryl Rice: Insights on Passion, Grief, and Empowerment


You Got This, Kid! Leadership Foundation had the pleasure of speaking to Cheryl Rice, the founder of the You Matter Marathon . Her journey, filled with lessons of love, loss, and leadership, left us with invaluable takeaways that resonate with the core values of the You Got This, Kid! Foundation.


The You Matter Marathon: A Global Impact

Cheryl shared her experience starting the You Matter Marathon, an initiative now reaching over 2 million people across every state and in 100 countries. This marathon isn't about running; it's about spreading a message of significance and self-discovery. 


Cheryl recounted a touching story about sharing a "You Matter" card with a stranger in a grocery store, a moment that profoundly impacted both. This interaction highlights the incredible power of empathy and human connection, underlining the essence of the You Matter Marathon's mission. The power of these two simple words, "You Matter," exceeds boundaries, creating a ripple effect of positivity and recognition of self-worth around the globe. 


Cheryl emphasized the importance of mentorship in shaping the direction of her work. She spoke fondly of her father's influence, particularly in distributing "You Matter" cards for free, transforming her mission into a worldwide phenomenon. 

All contributions go directly to supporting the YMM mission and make it possible for them to give people free cards.


Navigating the Path of Grief

Cheryl described grief as a part of the price we pay for

love. It's a journey that doesn't necessarily end but evolves over time. For anyone dealing with loss, Cheryl's insights offer a comforting perspective that grief, while challenging, is a natural and integral part of our human experience.  

Cheryl's book, "Where Have I Been All My Life: A Journey Towards Love and Wholeness," was inspired by her mother's passing. She shared insights into her grief journey, offering comfort and understanding to those facing similar experiences.

"Grief is the price we pay for love."


Empowerment and the Inner Critic

As a foundation that encourages empowerment, we were incredibly moved by Cheryl's thoughts on the challenges women leaders face. She spoke about the inner critic that often holds women back, whispering that they are not enough. Her advice? Recognize your strengths, align them with your passions, and seek out mentors and support. This powerful message is a reminder that stepping into one's power is not just possible but essential.

"Figure out your strengths --- and those strengths can be developed over time, of course, and they may change. But if you don't know your worth, you can't articulate it."


  Empowering Future Leaders

Cheryl highlighted the importance of aligning strengths with passions and the value of mentorship. She also stressed the need for self-compassion and the courage to embrace growth, offering practical advice for those starting their leadership journey. It's a lesson that resonates deeply with our mission at the You Got This, Kid! Foundation.

"We experience, we reflect, we refine, we try again."


Cheryl's own leadership and coaching philosophies are significantly influenced by her personal interests, including nature and reading memoirs. She explained how these activities help her feel renewed and inspired, proving that personal hobbies can significantly enrich professional practices.

"Nature is a huge source of inspiration, renewal, gratitude."


Cheryl's visit was more than just a conversation; it was an enlightening experience that reinforced the power of empathy, understanding, and personal growth. We're grateful for the wisdom she shared and hope her insights inspire you as much as they did us. Remember, in the words of the You Matter Marathon, "You Matter" – to us, the world, and most importantly, to yourself.

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