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YOU GOT THIS, KID! Words of Advice for Young Leaders” encourages young leaders to embrace their secret sauce, navigate uncertain waters and learn from every experience to transform into an authentic leader. Author Chuck Saia's unforgettable animal analogies take readers through the corporate jungle in a fun, insightful read. Saia’s leadership development speaking engagements are directly inspired from his writing and are free for organizations interested in building tomorrow’s leaders.

Leadership Development


Environmental Conservation

The conservation branch of YGTK focuses on the restoration of waterways to reduce contamination and improve water quality for aquatic species. Through our work cleaning waterways, we also aim to minimize harmful environmental factors like pollutants and toxins which have a harmful effect on those with chronic illnesses like cancer and autoimmune diseases such as Lupus.


Lupus Research

Lupus is a devastating disease that has deeply affected the YGTK! Leadership Foundation’s founders, family and several board members. Research is still being done into the causes and treatment for the disease and we strive to advance lupus research, provide resources for those affected and solve the cruel mystery.

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