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QU Pre-Matriculation Program: Insights from the Lupus Patient Panel

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Living with lupus presents various challenges and complexities. In this blog post, we explore the experiences of Chris, Karin, and Traci, who shared their insights and strategies for managing lupus symptoms and its impact on their lives. We delve into their discussions, highlighting symptoms, complications, and encounters with the healthcare system.

Meet the Panelist

Karin Wagner is the founder of Invigorate, a central place of resources for people with autoimmune diseases. She has been living with Lupus for 15 years and helps others live full lives while living with an autoimmune disease.

Chris Burton is a writer and Lupus advocate from Brooklyn. Chris has firsthand experience with the challenges of living with Lupus for over 11 years. As an ambassador for the Lupus Foundation of America, he actively raises awareness and supports the Lupus community.

Traci Szoke is a student at the University of Central Florida. Traci's mother has been living with lupus since Traci's birth. Growing up, Traci witnessed her mother's strength in the face of lupus, leading her to become a passionate advocate for raising awareness and improving the lives of those affected by the disease.

Understanding the Challenges:

The Evolution of Healthcare for Lupus Patients:

The discussion between Chris and Karin revealed ongoing challenges and improvements in lupus care. Timely diagnosis, disease management, and addressing long-term medication effects are vital concerns. While progress has been made, further advancements are necessary. By raising awareness, supporting research initiatives, and fostering open dialogues, we can work towards a future where lupus patients receive the best possible care, minimizing the burdensome side effects of medications. Together, we can navigate the journey of lupus and provide hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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