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Lupus Warrior Spotlight- Michelle Barresi

Updated: Jun 3

Michelle Barresi

Michelle Barresi, a woman with lupus, animal and houseplant lover, and molecular biology graduate, lives in rural Georgia. Growing up in Brooklyn, she witnessed her aunt's struggle with lupus. Michelle's diagnosis came during her pregnancy, marking a turning point in her life. Despite numerous challenges, she embraced self-care and community support, emerging stronger and more resilient. Her journey underscores the power of acceptance and advocacy, inspiring others to find hope and strength in the face of adversity.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Michelle Barresi and I am originally from Brooklyn, NY .  I learned about lupus as a young girl as my aunt Anna had lupus and it was something our family knew was serious but didn’t understand. She was also diagnosed in the early 60’s when lupus research was at its infancy.  I didn’t know what it truly meant til I was diagnosed.

I now live in rural Georgia, besides being a big city girl, and I work in insurance compliance.  I have a degree in molecular biology and love rare houseplants.  I also am a huge animal lover and consider myself a nature conservationist.

When were you diagnosed with Lupus, and what led to the diagnosis?

What have been some of the biggest challenges you've faced since your diagnosis?

How do you manage your symptoms, and what treatments have you found helpful?

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