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Lupus Butterflies!

Today, we celebrate this team of future leaders. 7 years ago, they learned the importance of philanthropy and that when you do something for the greater good or for somebody else, magical things can happen…..

On a chilly day 7 years ago, our founder, Chuck Saia, coached a group of young baseball players during a holiday basketball tournament. They were called the Lupus Butterflies and wore purple to create awareness of the disease.

The boys took a break from baseball and joined the one practice they were to have in Chuck’s basement. It was here where the team and coach drew up an offense on construction paper and talked about defense.

Heading into the tournament everyone thought they had no chance to win even one game.

But, like a band of Lupus Warriors, they fought with tenacity and incredibly placed 2nd in the tournament while competing against all club basketball teams.

Did we mention they were baseball players? 😄

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